Saturday, June 19, 2010


The water ripples were tiny
Hours after the car plunged
Days after the letter was opened
Weeks after the message was written
Months after the patience was lost
A Quarter after the payments became 'irregular'

A Thing of Terrible Beauty

It is such
a thing of terrible
terrible beauty
the way she
shuns me
looking out
the passenger window.

I smile to the sun,
magnified through
the windscreen.

And my eyes hurt
and I tell her
"according to that wall
over there
Kelly loves Sam
Eddie's a

I laugh as
She turns to face me,
Seething with
Mango on her teeth
She calls me a clown 
She calms down.

Our laughter is such
a thing of terrible beauty.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Crossing Lines in The Dark

It is dark and I steer illumination, drawing
The lines I will cross
In the middle of the road
Where I know
She is sleeping again
In the dark
In her underwear.
It is thrilling to be here:
driving there
to her
in her underwear
At home.