Thursday, April 26, 2007

Drivers urged to 'slow down or die young'

Just saw this headline in my RSS. I could think only of the Rolling Stones, also urged to slow down or die young. Look what happened there. Urge something else I say. Like driving lessons and lane discipline and everyone get off the God damned road when I want to drive.

Or, possibly, we could urge a standard for driving that matches the conditions of today's driving. No, too much. Slow down or die young. Look at the Stones. Faces like the rumple strips on the exit slip road of the great motorway of life. Mind you, if you're the little fecker in the Astra who cut me up the other day, then proceeded to drive at 50 on the outside lane of the motorway... do us all a favour and speed up!

I love these little mixes of humour and rancour brought on by 3.45 on the day before you go on holidays. I'd best speed up with some work... or die.

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