Thursday, February 03, 2011

More Haiku for the Modern World

On Politics
People! Going forward!
I don't accept that! Yes! No!
It's democracy!

Well, it's broken now
And despite what you might think
They did it, not us.

If a party calls
For measures to be taken
Run! Run for the hills!

This side of the mouth
Says something different to
That side of the mouth

It's not my fault that
You saw fit to employ me
To watch this ship sink

Burble burble bup
And in conclusion...

On the Internet
Error Four Oh Four
This resource could not be found;
Check your spelling there

Such expressive rage
In one hundred and forty
Tweeted characters

I would love to share
Your link. But I am afraid
Of who might read it

Where is that email
Confirming payment
For crap I don't need?

In the Shop
Dear God, are you there?
Please get me to the counter
Before that slowcoach

Do you really save
If you buy so much of it
You throw it away?

There are bananas
Such diverse shapes and sizes
Beside the on'ons

I've come to spend cash
Please help me: I need a coin
For your damn trolley

If I stop the kids
They will scream in the trolley
Or hang off me. Argh!

How do people eat
Such healthy food and not sleep
Right there at dinner?

Garlic bread and wine
And pizza from the fridge there
They're away tonight!


  1. Maranarafurdletop?!?
    Methinks you need to head around to Raven Books for some remedial literary therapy.

  2. Haha, thanks! I was watching the Prime Time debate; and that was all I could hear!