Friday, July 06, 2007

Pete wrote a book. Amazon reviewed it.

If you need a laugh, and we all do these days (what with war in Iraq, Paris Hilton finding God in a cell in Albequerque or wherever), check out the reviews of Pete Doherty's books on Amazon. I've never read it, and don't plan to (not a fan of Babyshambles myself), but some of the reviews are 'cracking' (I use the term from the 'Anglo' side of my 'Anglo Irish' persona.

Especially from "Lord Decider", in the UK. He said "I have ordered 53 of these books as I understand that they are written in his blood. According to my calculations that should use up about 8 pints of it and hopefully bring an end to the adoloscent dribblings of this smacked-up sub-Dickesian tossclump."

Then, there are his defenders, such as this one from a Ms Chant. She said "Why are sooo many people writing bad reviews without reading this book, that's like saying... "I don't like apples" with out every tasting one, I read quite a lot, stuff like Orwell's 1984 ect ect and I like this book allot , its a good insight into Pete and I think its great to hear the way he thinks and his opinions for a change rather the ill researched tabloid newstorys that people seem to focus on. There's some top poetry and a great inspiration Also as a graphic designer I found the style interesting and I like the unpredictable nature with collages, photos and newspaper cuttings along with the sketchbook style. I say if you like The Libertines, Pete Doherty or Babyshables you should buy it, or go listen to one of the many many many bands that are basically rip off of the libertines but are more "media" friendly. Anyways peace out :p Woody chant"

Mr Defender gets my vote, as I can't trust anyone that claims to like reading, uses overly onomatopoeic spelling ('soooo') then goes on to say "I read quite a lot, stuff like Orwell's 1984 ect, ect (sic)" Also, 'Peace out'. So many people say this and I don't know how to do it. I now refuse to learn.

I've just been directed to 'The Night Owl's' review, which beats the rest, hands down: 'I've been a fan of Dohertys since the early, cross-dressing days of Beverly hills 90210. The japes he got up to with Brandon, Fred Perry and the inflatible Tori Spelling kept me spellbound. In this book however, he lets himself down big-style. Charmed? I don't think so. '

SO, if you need a chuckle, check out the reviews here

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