Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Train Passage

On the platform, a subliminal riot. They look all about them, as if not preparing to dive for the train the moment the doors open. The desired effect is to make others believe they want it more. To get on a train. This provides two means of triumph. First, and most obvious, was actually getting on the train first. Not only can you enjoy a more comfortable position, but you can also rub it into others' faces. Be careful with the latter, otherwise you may suffer from another enjoying the second triumph. The second triumph, is earned by recognising the diminished humanity in another - and having them recognise it in themselves. They dive for the train and get on first, you say ‘Well, what’s the big deal? I was looking out for this little old/pregnant/infirm lady.’ Well, don't say it. Just shoot them a look on your way in, and enjoy for precious few seconds – like a masturbatory orgasm – the feeling of superiority over your own species. Jesus must have felt something similar, on the cross.

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